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About Us

    Rina Salleh Clothing® is a branding manage by RSC Resources Sdn Bhd (1157215 M) started its business through social media which was through Friendster and blog in the year 2009. After a year, the brand grew and expend their business by having their own website, i n 2010. Through the website, customers were able to purchase the collection easily. After two years of running the business online, the first physical boutique was opened in 1st December 2012 in Shah Alam, Selangor.

    Rina Salleh Clothing® offers collection of modest but elegant, especially for Muslimah women. For those who are dressed modest and covering their aurat, they still can stay fashionable and exclusive. Some of the collections are dresses, robes (jubah), blouses, skirts and shawls was designed exclusive, simple, modest, elegance and the most important things is its practical for all women.

    In the early stages of building the Rina Salleh Clothing® brand, most of the ideas started from the owner of the brand herself, Mrs Norazrina Mohd Salleh. Those days, Rina Salleh Clothing® took the initiative to create a collections from customers’ ideas and favourite collection. Now, the need to cover women’s aurah and modest clothing has increased. Thus, Rina Salleh Clothing® has created lines inspired by international fashion that blended with a modest element.

    Through the brand, there have been a high demand not only in Malaysia but in Singapore and Brunei. We maintained our product by uses high quality fabrics and comfortable to wear. In building up brand international presence, Rina Salleh Clothing® has made their first exclusive Pre - Launch of their Hari Raya Collection on 1st May 2016 at the Olympia London, United Kingdom in conjunction with the Muslim Lifestyle Showcase 2016.

    In November 2016, we make another international appearance which is at Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2016. We showcase a modest collection focuses on the printed motif with enchantment palette of Plum Blossom Tree hues. It was held in Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Centre on 22nd and 23rd November. We are the only brand from Malaysia showcasing our collection together with others from Indonesia, Singapore and Japan.

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